Affirmations- Your Personal Wish Granting Genie

We’ve all seen the movies where a genie, crystal ball or some other magical medium has the power to make all of the main character’s dreams come true. Now, while I most certainly am not able to call upon a genie to turn my dreams into a reality, I think that we as individuals are able to achieve the same effect with our minds- and no, I don’t mean mind control.

This magical sounding power that I’m referring to is the action of writing down or speaking positive affirmations. If you do not know of affirmations, it refers to the practice of repeating positive reminders to yourself as a way to create a healthier headspace, motivation and manifest your dreams into reality. Through the repetition of either writing or speaking positive affirmations, you are training the subconscious mind to believe what you are putting out in the world. For instance, if I tell myself twice a day that I am driven, it’s only natural that I would begin to believe that of myself and become it. This sounds very cliche and Disney movie of me but you truly just have to believe and everything will start falling into place. 

With these positive thoughts circulating through our bodies we are acting as a big positive magnet that will in turn draw positive things to us. With this, you have the ability to create the change that you wish to see in your life, so stop blaming other people or powers for the things that are happening to you and choose to take charge and control of your journey. 

I’ve only been writing down my affirmations for a couple of weeks now but I already feel the positive effects and overall satisfaction with my days. In this world of comparison and with so much value being placed upon beauty and appearance, I’ve struggled with confidence but by just reminding myself that I am beautiful and strong everyday I’ve been able to really positively change the way I view myself. Your mind can be a dark place sometimes, but it is the home for all of our thoughts and emotions so doing your best to keep it a positive and happy place is so important. 

Some tips for writing affirmations:

  1. Always make your affirmations positive.

Train your mind to turn away from self-sabotaging and negative thoughts and make the change to only speak positively of yourself because we truly do think everything into existence. Instead of, “I will go to the gym today” which sounds like a chore, say, “I am excited to go to the gym today to support my body and improve my health.”

  1. Write affirmations in the first person.

Try beginning your affirmations with “I…” or “I am…” as this will help the statement become that much more personal and tailored to you and thus easier for your subconscious to believe. 

  1. Create your own affirmations.

The best thing about affirmations is that you can personalize them and tailor them just for yourself! Customize them to help combat specific problems that you are facing or to work towards your career goals, etc. 

  1. Find what works best for you.

There are plenty of different techniques for affirmations but you really just have to find what works best for you. Personally, I like to write mine down in the morning and repeat them to myself either out loud or in my head for the remainder of the day. Some people write them down and stick them in a place they’ll be frequently looking throughout the day, some speak the same ones every day and night and others create new ones for each day. There’s one thing that’s for sure though- there is no right or wrong way, it is all a matter of preference.

  1. Tie an emotion to your affirmations.

I find that in tying an emotion to an affirmation, you are more likely to feel your affirmation on a deeper level and it adds even more positivity! For example, try saying, “I am grateful for my strength” instead of, “I am strong.”

Writing down your affirmations once or twice a day is truly the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy and can have such a positive impact on your life, so stop getting in the way of your true potential and make this change for yourself! Let’s start romanticising and manifesting greatness into our lives 🙂

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