Product Promo: Katalyst Kombucha

Katalyst Kombucha is truly healing my relationship with all kombucha and I have no doubt that these healing powers will extend to my overall health as well. Katalyst is a 100% worker owned, ethical and enthusiastic kombucha business that is brewed right here in Massachusetts…in other words, it is wholly worthy of your love and attention.

I feel as if we need some context to truly give this drink a story, so here we go. About a week ago I was aimlessly looking around an on-campus market for a snack and in the process was blinded (seriously) by the beauty of a can. Upon further inspection, I noticed that this was a can of Katalyst Kombucha, this was troubling for me because I’m not really a big kombucha fan. I remember being offered a kombucha once and accepting it because I didn’t want to offend the person. This resulted in me fighting for my life trying to make the drink go down because I just didn’t like the taste; so it’s clear to see why I am often hesitant of the drink. Due to this difficult past, I suffered a short internal struggle with whether or not I should buy it, but my ultimate decision to purchase this drink is one I’ll cherish forever. My decision-making process was backed up by a few very important factors. 

1. SUPER cute packaging 

2. Great for gut health which I’ve been wanting to work on 

3. Gotta support MA businesses

4. I’ve been staring at this can for a very long time and it’s going to start to get weird if I don’t grab it.

In all seriousness though this drink and the brand are both amazing and deserve some credit where it’s due! This kombucha is all natural, free of GMOs, gluten free and vegan which makes me feel like the picture of health before even taking a sip! To make things simple and concise, I love the taste, I love the message, I love the benefits and I love the vibe. Is that reason enough for you to try it out?

Overall, kombucha is said to aid in digestion, strengthen your immune system, reduce blood pressure, detoxify and even improve diabetes so the fact that Katalyst is able to provide all this, taste great and look good while doing it is something to applaud. 

Katalyst Kombucha formed a worker-owned cooperative with ginger beer company Ginger Libation under the name Artisan Beverage Cooperative,“The Cooperative’s mission is to produce the highest quality beverages possible taking into account the social and economic impacts of all decisions of the cooperative, and to demonstrate, through our success, the viability of worker cooperatives and fairly traded goods.”

With the slogan, “Happy gut, happy mind” you can rest assured that Katalyst Kombucha is doing more for your body than just appealing to your taste buds. Due to it’s fermented composition, kombucha is a great source of probiotics which help fight off bad bacteria and can help heal the gut microbiome and restore it to help keep your body balanced and free of disease. Gut health is so so important for your overall health and kombucha is a great stepping stone in helping you achieve just that. 

So I know my history with Katalyst Kombucha isn’t a very long one, but as they say, when you know you know 🙂

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