Mantras and a Message for those Feeling Stuck

I understand as well as the next how detrimental cold air and a sun escaping before 4:30 can be to motivation and a willingness to make much of anything of the day. In my own experience growing up in New England, I’ve seen how effective a harsh winter can be at dissolving aspirations and New Year’s resolutions like salt in water. So I’m writing today for my own therapeutic measures as well as to discourage anyone from hanging up their boots- you never know where they may take you.

I understand that we all face unique adversities and hardships. So, while I can’t propose a magic solution that will resonate with everyone, I can suggest a few mantras that I keep at the front of my mind to hold my negative or restrictive thoughts at bay. 

Mantras are short statements that can be repeated to help clear your mind and connect you to a positive thought. The idea of mantras originated in Buddhism and Hinduism and they are frequently used to promote concentration in meditation as well as contribute to prayer, personal growth and healing. Listed below are a few of my favorites 🙂 

There are always more roads than roadblocks

The only way out is through

I have all the tools I need within me to succeed

I allow myself to expand in gratitude

I have all the keys to succeed, I just need to find the doors to fit them in

Don’t look back, you’ve been there already

Embarrassment is a choice

To live a life you’ve never lived you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done

I hope that with my suggestions you are able to land on a mantra you love, feel like you could remix or dislike so much that you are motivated to find one better suited for your needs! I also encourage you to find peace in the mundane moments that the winter brings- there’s nothing wrong with taking a break and going slow, but know that there are always ways to get back out there should you decide to take them 🙂

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