Navigating Life’s Turns

Allow yourself to transition with grace. Life is all about entering new phases and accepting the beauty of change and variability- this can be hard to acknowledge, especially if you’re experiencing hardships along the way.

Imagine the route from your home to your favorite place. This could be a best friend’s house, your favorite coffee shop, or the beach. Is the drive or walk to this place a straight shot? More than likely, the answer is no. You probably come across a few turns, stop signs, rotaries, detours, or maybe you even make a wrong turn and you have to reroute. Even still, you probably enjoy this drive because it is delivering you to a place you love. My point of this tangent has nothing to do with driving and everything to do with a metaphor for life’s journeys. 

As indicated, even the simple drive to your favorite spot doesn’t come without twists and turns. Similarly, even if you’re on a life path that seems to be throwing curveballs at you and taking you in different directions, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be unhappy with your end destination. In fact, you may even have a greater appreciation for where you end up because of what you went through. The result of your metaphorical drive could even become your new favorite place.

It’s natural to have growing pains and a restrictive mindset when things get hard and change is necessary, but it’s helpful to have the reassurance that turns are just as natural and essential for this growth to occur and happiness to be reached.

The moral of the story is don’t be so hard on yourself! You can be proactive with your life choices while also allowing yourself to relax and accept the turns thrown your way- it’s all a part of staying the course!

Happy Wednesday, this is your permission to give yourself some grace today 🙂

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