Your New Favorite Sunscreen…

With global warming still advancing and UV rays growing stronger, I’ve taken it upon myself to find a good daily SPF that I can wear beyond this Summer. 

After getting countless numbers of sunburns that have damaged my skin and made me peel beyond belief, I knew it was time to find a sunscreen that I loved and actually wanted to put on; because that was my whole problem. I knew I needed to wear sunscreen but I despised actually putting it on because of the way it left my face feeling and it’s oily and sometimes thick consistency. 

So, I set off to Sephora and was introduced to my new holy grail. Supergoop glow screen. There are truly not enough positive words in the dictionary that I can use to praise my new glow screen. This SPF 40 sun protectant allows for such an easy application (not sticky or thick), and will leave you glowing like a pearl. What sealed the deal for me though was that glow screen contains clean products and is reef safe.

While the sunscreen is a bit on the pricey side, I can be reassured that I made a good purchase with the simple fact that it is protecting my skin along with the environment. Supergoop is a clean brand that I can feel comfortable and even proud to support because the quality of their products truly show how much they care about their customers and that they are environmentally conscious too.

Every morning I now have my sunscreen application to look forward to, and as crazy as that sounds it really is true! I love the glowy finish, the hydration from it’s inclusion of vitamin B5 and of course its ability to protect my skin from harmful rays! While it’s easy to see why we should wear sunscreen in the Summer because of the sun constantly reminding us with its heat, it is just as important to consistently wear it in the winter months because UV rays still remain present and can still cause damage. 

I can honestly say that I would wear this product for its moisturizing and pearlescent finish capabilities alone; so the fact that it has an SPF of 40 too is just amazing. 

Even with the last stretch of Summer upon us, it’s still so important to have a daily SPF that you can wear and love year round. There’s no need to hold off becoming obsessed with this product; so hop online or go to your local Sephora to pick some up…you won’t regret it!

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