My 5 Beauty Must Haves

Queue Holy Grail by Jay-Z. We all have products that we couldn’t bear getting ready without…or at the very least we would miss. I’m going to share a few of mine below in hopes that you can find something to fall in love with as well!

  1. Mugler Alien perfume

This first product has nothing to do with looks, but still makes all the difference when it comes to your overall appearance. Alien by Mugler has me feeling confident even when I’m wearing it with sweats. This perfume is so beautiful and captivating; I am seriously obsessed with having this scent on me. I honestly believe that no outfit, as pretty as it may be, is truly complete without a good fragrance.

  1. Laneige Sweet Candy Lip Mask

This may be the first time I rave about this product but it will certainly not be the last… sweet candy laneige lip mask you truly have my heart. This mask is so nourishing, plumping and leaves your lips with the perfect shimmer that isn’t too overwhelming. If that wasn’t enough to make you want to buy 10, then I’ll leave you with the knowledge that the taste is absolutely amazing.

  1. Super Goop Glow Screen SPF 40

Everyone needs a good daily SPF in their life; and this is just that! Super goop glow screen is nothing short of amazing for the simple fact that it makes you shine like no other and is so lightweight, and on top of that it contains an SPF of 40! I always say I would use this product even if it wasn’t a sunscreen just because it leaves my face with such a pearl-like finish and is not oily at all. This product is clean, reef safe and an absolute must have!

  1. Blinc Original Tubing Mascara

More often than not I rely on mascara to boost my appearance and my confidence along with it, this calls for an above average mascara and blinc is just that. The mascara forms around your lashes in water-resistant tubes that won’t run, clump, or flake, so forget ever having racoon eyes again! This mascara is vegan, cruelty-free and looks absolutely amazing from start to finish. 

  1. Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer 

I strongly dislike caking on makeup and having the weight and unnatural feel of foundation, so when I need to add a little something to my face, the Sun Bunny Bronzer by Too Faced always does the trick. This cruelty-free dual shaded bronzer contains a bit of a pink undertone and some shimmer that leaves the perfect and most natural sun-kissed look. This bronzer has truly been a life saver for me in the winter months when I’m at my palest.

 I truly never leave the house without these products on, and I’m guessing that you won’t want to either. So do yourself a favor and invest in these 5 items; you won’t regret it!

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