Halloween DIY’s

As halloween approaches, you may find yourself lacking a costume, a trick, and most importantly a treat. Frantically, we turn to Pinterest in hopes of finding festive DIY’s that will be sure to turn a jack-o-lantern frown upside down!

Despite popular belief, there are still ways to have fun on Halloween once you surpass the age of 10. When asked what they liked to do on Halloween, eight out of ten students said they liked to hangout with friends. So text a friend, get together your favorite arrangement of candy/snacks and let your night begin! Now you may bring up the question of what to do when your friend(s) arrive and luckily there are many answers! One option is to put on a scary movie, which are usually playing regularly on Halloween, but if those aren’t pleasing you then there is a plethora of horror movies that can be found on OnDemand. If you aren’t in the mood to have nightmares for the following three nights though, carving pumpkins is a great alternative and much less frightening option. Another way that is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit is to make festive treats and decorations, so listed below are a few favorites!

The first thing that I chose to make was mummy brownies. This yummy treat was so easy to make and required very few ingredients- a true DIY! I started out by purchasing a box of generic brownie mix from the grocery store along with eggs, fudge frosting and white frosting. One of the nice things about this DIY is that you can take it in many directions, as long as you keep the mummy design apparent. For example, you can make it in the form of a brownie, cake, cupcake or even cookies! This makes the treat very versatile and fun because there is so much you can do with it! After making your baked good of choice, you are going to want to let it cool for at least a half hour so it doesn’t melt the frosting. After this period, take your white frosting and move it in a left to right motion while going down the brownie to achieve that mummy look! After you’ve frosted the treat to your liking, you can frost on eyes or put fake eye decorations on top to get a more realistic feel.  

Another festivity is pumpkin carving, which is a sure way to get you in the Halloween spirit! In the weeks prior to Halloween you can find pumpkins for sale around practically every corner, so grab a pumpkin, some carving tools and get to it! A tip that I have received for pumpkin carving is to get the insides of the pumpkin as thin as possible when you are hollowing it out, this will make it much easier to carve your desired pumpkin. Also, if you carve a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin so you can place it on top of the candle you will save yourself from lots of frustration trying to balance and put the candle in from the top; smarter not harder.

If you’re looking to go to a halloween costume party, I have two beyond easy options for you. The first would be an 80’s fitness instructor. This costume really only requires neon workout clothes with some leg warmers and a high pony tied off with a scrunchie.

The next costume involves any white outfit to be paired with a white halo and even wings if you’re really going for it, this can also be done with a red outfit and devil horns. The angel and devil costumes never miss and can be kept under $10 if you are wearing clothes that you already own. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s cute…what more could you ask for?

These may be two of the easiest costumes to pull off ever and they easily get their point across.

Happy Halloween!

**all pictures are from pinterest**

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