Alternatives to At-Home Workouts this Fall

Tired of working out in your basement? Gyms still aren’t open? Well you need not worry anymore because I have some great alternatives that will get you out of the house and moving!

There’s always the outdoor run, but if you’re anything like me then running outdoors with the risk of someone you know seeing your sad attempt at a run is a horrifying thought. But on the off chance that this is something you’re interested in, go for it.

A simpler option is going for a walk outside with your pet or just yourself. Your pet will love the exercise and the fresh air will feel so good for you! An added bonus is that the trees are absolutely beautiful right now because of their autumnal coloring so you’ll have plenty of scenery to look at. I know that walks can sometimes get boring, but some music or a podcast should do the trick! This is also a great time to take for yourself and reflect on your day or just be in your own thoughts.

Bike rides!! Living in New England right now, the temperature is a perfect amount of coolness that you won’t have to worry about heat stroking in the middle of your ride and like I said before, the scenery itself will be enough to make your ride worthwhile. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a fall biking adventure, the air is refreshing, the ride is calming AND you’ll burn calories doing it. So find your local bike path and get to it!

Playing tennis is a great option for a fun and rewarding outdoor activity and can be played by pretty much all age groups and fitness levels. One of my favorite things to do with my Dad is play tennis, it’s just a really fun way to get some exercise in. I don’t know about you guys, but there’s at least 5 public courts in my town so there shouldn’t be a problem with accessibility.

There’s also bound to be a basketball court in your area which is great to play with a few friends, even if your skills aren’t even close to those of a basketball player it’s a great way to get a sweat going.

There’s always the fantastic option of a dance party. This one’s easy, all you need is a speaker and a way to play music from that speaker. No gym clothes or sneakers required!

Who knows, maybe you do enjoy working out in your basement or wherever your at home fitness spot is. In that case, I love using the FitOn or 7m Women workout apps to get my heart rate up. These are two amazing options that are free and will help you reach your goals, they’ve been so helpful to me!

Venture outside of your at home gym this fall and look to the great outdoors to satisfy your exercising needs!

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