Romanticizing your Snow Day

I am currently typing this slumped down on my bed, bundled in all of my favorite comfy clothes all the way down to my fuzzy socks, alternating my gaze between the screen of my laptop and the portrait of a white landscape outside my window. So, it’s easy to see why my current state grants me all of the qualifications to offer you some great recommendations for what to do with your snow day should you ever find yourself having one!

In the winter months where you are guaranteed several harsh and bitter days that leave you fantasizing about jetting off to a tropical location, every once in a while we are offered a snow day; winter’s way of making up for all of the times it’s made you question your decision to live somewhere that experiences seasons. As long as the snow extends high enough to lock me inside of my home, I can find an appreciation for all of the other bone-chilling days that led up to the snowfall. 

I believe that there are some unwritten rules that are accompanied with a snow day and the general idea is that you must adhere to some self care rituals and trade in all stressful work for staring out blankly at the snow. Mother nature has essentially hand delivered you the ability to make any and all excuses to relax while the sky flurries around you, so I am going to give you a few ideas for how you can romanticize your snow day and use the time off to your advantage!

  1. Have a movie marathon! This relies heavily on whether you have lost power or not or if you have access to a generator but is quite enjoyable if you can turn your TV on! I recommend “Elf” or any type of rom com for obvious reasons.
  2. Make yourself a warm drink. Nothing screams “snowstorm” quite as loud as hot cocoa or some warm tea or coffee. You can even take this time to experiment with frothing milk or making latte art if you’re feeling creative!
  3. Read a book. Take the opportunity to get lost in the words of your book and transport yourself to the character’s lives. There’s something about cuddling up and reading a book on a snowy day that makes me feel like I’m straight out of a movie scene; bonus points if you turn the pages dramatically and read by the light of a fireplace.
  4. Skincare! From face masks to oils, moisturizers, exfoliants, gua sha and more, your opportunities are endless! Have a snow day so rejuvenating you’ll go back to work or school with people wanting all of your skincare secrets.
  5. Draw a bath…yes I know I could have said take a bath but I’m trying to stay with that whole “straight out of a movie scene” vibe, okay? Sitting in the warm water while the outside world freezes can be very calming. I suggest enhancing this experience with some epsom salt, a nice candle, calming music and a few drops of your favorite smelling essential oils to really serve yourself up a true spa moment.
  6. SLEEP. Catch up on some Z’s, get your energy levels right and even give your eye bags a chance to recede- your future self will thank you!
  7. Find a creative outlet. Whether it be painting, drawing or puzzling there are so many activities that are neglected that you can engage in to satisfy your creative hunger! Since I am somewhat lacking in the artistic department I love to do a good old paint by number because that offers me the highest success rate. 
  8. Write. You could write a blog post like me or even journal but it has to be writing for pleasure. A fun journal prompt could be writing about a memorable snow day, what kind of day you’re having or just free write about absolutely anything and let your imagination lead the way!
  9. Play in the snow! This may feel juvenile for some, but there is still something very satisfying about making a quick snow angel or snowman if you’re feeling brave enough to head into the storm.
  10. Stretch. Calm your mind, body and soul with some pilates or yoga. Stretching out will feel so good and will be sure to help you get to sleep after a long day of hanging around inside. If you still have an internet connection, I love watching “Yoga with Adriene” on YouTube or you can just do some self-guided movements.

Most importantly, take time for yourself on your snow day. Allow yourself to breathe and be in the moment and find peace in that everyone else’s lives are put on pause as the sky storms on. Whatever you choose to do is exactly what you are meant to be doing 🙂

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