Saving 2022 one Vision Board at a Time

It’s the end of January. For many, this marks the time where new year’s resolutions tend to get a little foggy (I don’t exclude myself from this group.) Since I know that there must be at least a few people out there ready and willing to resurrect whatever is left of their resolution from just a month ago, I thought I’d offer a technique to ensure your comeback!

Before we get into this, it is vital that you have one thing clear: what you want. Whatever your resolution is, regardless of size or importance, it has to be something that you are actually willing to do and put work into. It’s not realistic to create goals for yourself when you have no desire to actually carry them out because you’ll likely wind up dropping them…again. Making goals for yourself is exciting and gives you purpose and reason to get out of bed every morning so you should cherish and treat them with value accordingly. 

Without further adieu, I present to you the fixer of all your resolution struggles… *imaginary drumroll please*…a vision board!! The dramatic reveal may not have been necessary because I’m sure you’ve gathered that vision boards are the subject of this post from the title and cover image; but it was nevertheless important. In essence, a vision board is a place where you compile images and quotes that inspire and motivate you so that when you gaze upon it you are reminded of your goals, values and things that make you happy. So, what better way to hold yourself accountable to your 2022 resolutions than having a creative outlet, like said vision board, to help you bring your aspirations to life? Major bonus is these boards can be so aesthetically pleasing that you won’t even mind staring at them all day which subsequently will help your goals come true because you’ll be performing short visualization exercises with each glance. Cool right? 

It’s great to visualize what you want, but more importantly to visualize how you want to feel. For example, I added a picture of the beach on my vision board not because I want to live on the beach but because I love how the beach makes me feel and some of my happiest moments bring me back there. In doing this, you are setting the intention for how you want to feel and since these emotions are a bit broader and can be achieved in different ways they have a higher success rate of being accomplished. It’s also just a less materialistic approach. Full disclosure though, there is no correct way to make a vision board; no true outline. The only right way to make a vision board is to do it however you want and whatever feels right to you! You could make a physical board with magazine clippings and printouts and really get your creative juices flowing or make one on an app (I used Canva) with photos from the internet or your camera roll. However you decide to make your board, it’s important to have it visible in a place your eyes will frequent. This could be on your nightstand, desk, table or home screen so as to ensure that you will be reminded of your goals and accurately able to visualize them.

This is such a great activity to de-stress so don’t put too much pressure on it! The outcome should be something you love and enjoy looking at so take your time. You could even have some friends over and make a party out of it!

With plenty of time to rehash your New Year’s goals, I hope that you choose to make a vision board with your resolutions as inspiration so you can look them straight in the eye each day and find reason to complete them 🙂

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