Cold Shower, Hot Benefits

With the spring season near ready to switch to summer, the temperature is rising and so too is our desire for something refreshing. With this, I suggest that we all start partaking in the refreshing nature of cold showers; you may even be surprised at all the good it can do for you.

In taking cold showers comes a great opportunity to include a challenge in your day and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. In this small way, you are forcing growth upon yourself and it’s probably going to show up in other areas of your life as well, such as with confidence, mental toughness and motivation. 

I’m going to get straight into the benefits so as not to lose your attention because I know this can be a topic that is a bit hard to get behind! First and foremost, exposing yourself to that shock of cold water encourages blood to surround your organs and lead to the arteries that most efficiently pump blood. In turn, this can clear any blocked arteries, improve circulation and your immune system, boost heart health and even lower blood pressure. Hard to believe there could be more benefits, right? Cold showers also refine your hair and skin; in other words- soft, shiny hair and glowy, poreless skin is on the horizon! They also increase alertness, which is a great tool if you are a person that showers in the morning. Cold showers can even rid your body of toxins and excess oils. The cold water is also proven to reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery- athletes don’t take ice baths for no reason! Not to mention your water bill will thank you because your time in the shower will be cut drastically. Taking cold showers will also have environmental impacts, the most obvious one being conservation of a natural resource…water!

While I know a cold shower doesn’t necessarily come off as the most appealing habit, I have some confidence that it won’t be long until it is one that you cherish! What’s working best for me right now is starting my shower at a warm temperature and slowly getting the heat lower and lower until it is as cold as I can handle when I’m washing out my conditioner. This is a very new addition to my routine but I hope that one day I can go rogue and endure the cold for my whole shower! So take that as a reminder that you don’t have to go full force cold right away, because it’s helpful to remember that you have to start somewhere. Having the chance to progress through this journey can make it fun and all the more rewarding. 

To all cold shower skeptics- take the leap of faith and make this small change that is bound to impact your life! Your current self may not thank you right away, but your future self is bound to warm up to this change 🙂

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