Product Promo: Monday Haircare

Luxury hair products walk into a drugstore…and the result is Monday Haircare! If you weren’t a Monday person before, I can assure you that after trying these products your relationship with the dreariness of a Monday will be fixed forever. As an ethical company that prides itself in providing salon-grade formula at an affordable price, natural ingredients and 100% recyclable bottles, there’s almost no reason not to love Monday’s range of shampoo and conditioner products.

For context, I purchased the volume shampoo and smooth conditioner from Target a couple months ago and have been obsessed with it since! I was initially drawn to the packaging but stuck around for the quality, ethics, smell and price of the products!

Let me take you right into my favorite part about Monday Haircare, which is how sustainable and environmentally conscious they are! Transparency and good ethics has been something that has been a pretty large factor in my buying behavior recently as I really want to be aware of what I’m surrounding myself with, toxins and chemicals I’m potentially exposing myself to and if there are any reciprocal effects to the environment from what I’m purchasing. Monday made all this information very accessible and thus made my decision incredibly easy!  Monday is dedicated to sustainability in many ways, all the way down to the packaging. I mentioned that the bottles are 100% recyclable, but it doesn’t end there! They even print their labels directly onto their bottle so they don’t have to stick plastic labels to each product. The bottles themselves are also made using 20% recycled plastic.They even ship their products efficiently by using outer boxes for distribution that are made of recycled content and replacing packaging like bubble wrap, plastic fillers and polystyrene with cardboard and paper inners. They also use packing tape that is made from 100% recycled content and printed with eco-friendly soy-based ink. Kind of hard to believe how much they’re crushing it, right? I love their simple but effective utilization of sustainability practices to reduce their carbon footprint as a company because it’s not something that you see a lot of brands doing.

Another root of my affection for their products is that they don’t include any SLS or parabens. This is important to look for because these ingredients can cause hair thinning, skin irritation and, while I’m no expert, scientific studies have even suggested that parabens can disrupt your hormone balance, harm reproductive organs and fertility and increase the risk of cancer. This hasn’t been concretely proven, so the evidence can be taken with a grain of salt, but SLS and parabens are definitely something to be wary of, so Monday not including them is a huge component of my admiration for the brand. 

Yet another positive is that Monday is a PETA-approved brand that is entirely vegan and cruelty free, so you can rest assured that there’s no funny business behind the scenes. 

As a lover of all things pink and a person deeply influenced by visual appearance, Monday knocked it out of the park with packaging. Honestly, the packaging alone is really what sold me on the products. So, I guess I’m not entirely against judging a book by its cover, because in this case, it did me some good. Also, if no one held that rule true, then packaging would be super boring and what’s the fun in that? 

I could go on and on about how great the brand is but I can’t forget about the haircare itself! I’ve been using the volume shampoo and smooth conditioner for a couple months and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the health of my hair. I fell in love with the floral scent immediately- it’s so girly and fresh.The formula is a bit on the thinner side so if your hair is heavily dyed or looking beyond repair, I’m not sure that this product is going to be your tool for revival, but it’s sure to get the job done for less extensive duties. You can still have confidence that these products are widely acclaimed though as they are recipients of the Glamour Beauty Award, Cosmopolitan Beauty Award and Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Award. Due to this success, I am hopeful that Monday Haircare will release new products soon because as of right now they are just specializing in 4 variations of shampoo and conditioner (gentle, smooth, volume and moisture). Maybe a hair mask next?

I never thought I could look forward to something associated with a Monday, but here I am, eagerly anticipating hair wash days and writing blog posts about a product that is healing my dislike for anything tied to a Monday! If you’re feeling influenced in any way and decide to hop on the Monday wave, I can assure you that lucious, lustrous hair is just around the corner!

To conclude and give you a concrete idea of my thoughts on Monday Haircare, I’m going to offer you a formal rating of the volume shampoo and smooth conditioner:

Smell: A

Quality: A-

Appearance: A++

Overall: (high) A

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