Product Promo: Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

Summer on a Friday- we’re all familiar with the feelings associated with this brilliant occasion that only occurs 13 times a year. You’re often met with a feeling of joy, excitement and contentment. So, the skincare brand Summer Fridays aims to bring just that to customers with their clean, vegan and cruelty-free products- and let me tell you they are right on the money with their Lip Butter balm.

As a lip product enthusiast, I feel fairly confident in self-proclaiming myself as a great source to receive a good lip recommendation from. That being said, I can’t speak highly enough about Summer Fridays lip balm. To make things simple, I’m going to include a rundown of some key components that I believe any good product should contain, and you can be the judge of if it is worth your purchase. 


I can be a real stickler with textures and how anything feels once it hits my body, so the consistency of a product is pretty big for me. I found that this balm immediately soothes the lips while leaving a high-gloss finish that doesn’t feel tacky or heavy. Unlike other balms that are fully absorbed, this formula allows for some product to remain for quite some time, almost resembling more of a gloss, without feeling suffocating. A buttery consistency that glides on like a dream- what’s not to love?


I purchased the brown sugar balm and was very satisfied with how this product smelt and tasted. I think we often overlook the taste of a product because we’re not intending on eating it, but with lip products, getting a bit of flavor is inevitable. This shade is slightly tinted brown and being that I am starting to lose my summer tan it did look a bit intense at times for everyday wear, but that was usually solved with a bit of rubbing around or blotting- next time I may reach for the vanilla or vanilla beige flavor instead. There are four shades available for the balm, each as attractive as the next- Vanilla, Vanilla Beige, Poppy and Brown Sugar.


A brand that can do it all! From what I’ve read, everything is as great on the inside as it is on the outside. Summer Fridays mission is to deliver easy-to-use, fast-acting, aesthetically pleasing, clean products. With hopes to provide the sensation of a “mini stay-cation” amidst the busy lives of every user, the brand is all about customer satisfaction. As I mentioned before and would love to emphasize, all of their products are clean, vegan and cruelty-free, which is really amazing.


I’m big on the visuals and aesthetic of products and let me tell you this balm did not disappoint! The simple and chic exterior that’s designed to take with you wherever you go really makes this product. Not to mention, the squeeze tube design guarantees a perfect application every time and saves you from having to stick your finger in a jar if you’re in a public area. Another great detail about the packaging is that after discarding the cap, the rest of the tube is recyclable once you’ve used up all of the contents.


I am a Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask junkie and have no doubt that it will hold a spot on my deathbed, but I think I may have found some company for my Laneige with the Summer Fridays balm! That being said, in comparison to the Laneige Lip Glowy Balm (which is the same idea as the Butter Balm), Summer Friday’s balm absolutely takes the gold. With a thicker consistency, Summer Friday’s product has a longer last, more moisturizing feel and better shine. I also really like how this balm doesn’t have any sparkles mixed in like some of its competitors because I get to avoid the annoying residue of sparkles on my lips when the product dries up. Instead, the butter balm relies on its glossy formula to serve you that shine.


9.8/10!! As I’ve detailed above, I think it’s fairly clear how much I love this product- for reasons big and small. My reasoning for the 0.2 cut would be for the pigmentation of the brown sugar balm, because it is described as a sheer nude but appeared much richer with my complexion. Again, this was not a big deal and I actually grew to really like the color but I was a bit caught off-guard at first. My favorite thing about this product is how wearable it is- it’s perfect for everyday use and can easily be brought into the night over lipstick or as is with the beautiful shine it offers. At $23 (plus a 10% discount if you enter your email address for your first online order) this product is a bit pricey but absolutely worth your buck. Overall, I firmly believe that this Lip Butter Balm should be a staple in every backpack, purse and pocket and I can’t wait to expand my Summer Fridays inventory with the wide range of products they offer. With a near 5-star rating on its website, awards from Vogue, Bazaar and Allure and over 1,000 online reviews, it’s clear that the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm has become a cult favorite- don’t be the last to try it out!

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