Product Review: Monday Haircare

Luxury hair products walk into a drugstore…and the result is Monday Haircare! If you weren’t a Monday person before, I can assure you that after trying these products your relationship with the dreariness of a Monday will be fixed forever. As an ethical company that prides itself in providing salon-grade formula at an affordable price, […]

Cold Shower, Hot Benefits

With the spring season near ready to switch to summer, the temperature is rising and so too is our desire for something refreshing. With this, I suggest that we all start partaking in the refreshing nature of cold showers; you may even be surprised at all the good it can do for you. In taking […]

Envisioning Empathy: Why you Should Act out of Empathy Rather than Sympathy

Have you ever thought about the difference between sympathy and empathy? By definition, sympathy is about feeling pity and sorrow for someone’s circumstances. To go just a bit further, empathy is about understanding and sharing the emotions of those circumstances with a person. When they are placed next to one another like this, it’s fairly […]

5-Minute Snack: The Best Date You’ve Ever Been on

This 5-minute recipe will leave your sweet tooth beyond satisfied and is guaranteed to make you question where it’s been all your life. While this delicious treat may be somewhat lacking in the appearance sector, its taste more than makes up for its visual resemblance to a roach!  As someone who relies on microwave meals […]

Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a choice. This is a big claim I know, and I am fully aware that I may have just dug myself into a bit of a hole here, but I promise you I can pull myself out and provide some explanation.   Of course, there will always be factors out of our control that […]

Letting Go of What Does Not Serve You

It is not realistic to believe that everything that once mattered, or we were made to believe mattered, is going to remain important to you throughout your lifetime. In this sense, it is necessary to do a good purging of what you carry with you every day to satisfy your ever-changing needs, and this requires […]

Product Promo: Katalyst Kombucha

Katalyst Kombucha is truly healing my relationship with all kombucha and I have no doubt that these healing powers will extend to my overall health as well. Katalyst is a 100% worker owned, ethical and enthusiastic kombucha business that is brewed right here in Massachusetts…in other words, it is wholly worthy of your love and […]

An Analysis of Lizzo’s TedTalk about Twerking

This topic and format is a little bit different than the content I usually put out, but I wrote this analysis on a TedTalk of Lizzo in my public speaking class last semester and wanted to give it a place to live (beyond the confines of my google drive) because I actually found it very […]

Saving 2022 one Vision Board at a Time

It’s the end of January. For many, this marks the time where new year’s resolutions tend to get a little foggy (I don’t exclude myself from this group.) Since I know that there must be at least a few people out there ready and willing to resurrect whatever is left of their resolution from just […]

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